360 Strategic Marketing Communications Solutions

THE FLAGSHIP GROUP is the largest and most comprehensive, independent through-the-line advertising and communications fleet in KwaZulu-Natal.

The Group evolved in 1989 as an agency under captaincy of Craig Clay-Smith when he did research for a Masters Degree on his original concept of starting an industry advertising on the sides of mini-bus taxis. It is a multimillion rand industry.

Today however, the Group offers a multitude of communication services from brand architecture to above & below-the-line advertising, design and media placement to cutting-edge multi-media programming, television, video and cinema production to database marketing, promotions, public relations and event management.

Expertise and experience range across all segments of the consumer market. However, it is in brand development, marketing innovation and strategic thinking, coupled with a thorough and comprehensive marketing pull through for a wide category of brands and industries that the group has shown its true ability in understanding the needs and wants of the critical mass consumer.

Of particular expertise in the last decade has been the group' astute understanding and affinity for the power of sporting brands and the vital role they play in the modern world of marketing. This includes creating world Super brand status for The Sharks, and reinventing the Dolphins, plus the development of South Africa's premier martial arts tournament brand, Fightclub, to the development of reality shows, interactive TV game shows, and various other innovations, including handling the world's biggest football travelling exhibition in SA - Football Nation on behalf of the British Government. During October 2011 Flagship will be handling the campaign for the World Golfers Championship where fifty countries will compete over four days in KwaZulu-Natal.

The entire fleet is run as a combination of specialised craft, manned by professional officers and crew all equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of adventure. As pro-activity goes, no mission is too small or too daunting. From the smallest gem of an idea to a treasure chest of an account, all hands pitch in to tackle any task, which demands creative thought, input and production. We encourage clients to put a hand on the oar and pull together to move the ship ahead.

The captain's quarters and engine room are at Admiral's House, 20-26 Hurst Grove Musgrave, Durban as well as a client service in Johannesburg. The Flagship services clients on a national basis throughout South Africa as well as global campaigns.