The experience gained through 21 years focused exposure to niche market advertising makes the Flagship an ideal choice of agency group. Effectiveness in the agency's ability to communicate in the mass market is borne out by the numerous accolades received for the advertising produced for our clients. The Group also has extensive staff experience in the critical mass market, particularly with regards to market positioning and product launching. A team is appointed to manage an account and as we are a group who has preferred to be divisions of specialists rather than a mash of everything, a specialist from each division relevant to your marketing strategy works on the account. Of special focus is brand architecture and strategic marketing communication.


• To remain the most comprehensive communications group in South Africa.

• To forge strategic partnerships with clients in unique but mutually profitable ways.

• To develop reciprocal business and networking.

• To be the leading brand marketers in the country.

• To capitalise on the intrinsic values of sports brand equity in marketing initiatives.

• To be globally recognised and competitive in our field.
• To forge international relationships for global networking in our industry.

• To provide a comprehensive one-stop 360 marketing and communications solution.


The Flagship Group is in the business of providing a competitive advantage for clients. A brand that continuously surprises the market and presents itself in a refreshing way, that attacks itself all the time, will stay ahead. Very few brands actually do that. It comes down to pro-active marketing. We believe agencies should be partners with their clients. It is our policy to deal with costs upfront and to ensure that the client gets real value. Our intention is not simply to write advertising and marketing strategies, but to understand the consumer as well as the clients' business ethos. We see ourselves as an extension of your marketing arm.


The realisation that the best results are achieved through strategic alliances and a multifaceted understanding of our cosmopolitan South African market, led to the formation of the fleet. This means a wider and more diverse range of services for our clients. Whilst we all operate totally independently, the divisions share a close relationship within the Group. Hence, we are able to offer sophisticated, strategic marketing and market analysis, coupled with relevant creative strategy that will ultimately develop advertising communication, which is effective in penetrating the target market.


Leading the fleet in above and below-the-line advertising - handles traditional electronic media, promotions and print communication.

The agency is in itself the Flagship of the fleet, leading clients into a new world of thinking and doing business. We think. Re-invent!. Our approach is strategically aligned and designed to assist clients with implementing new ways of doing business, and increasing the bottom-line. We are experts in synergistic networking with the ability to make campaigns pay for themselves. We specialise in stretching our clients' rand value by creating added-value products within their strategy. We guarantee unique approaches to marketing and advertising and due to the proactive development of our own products, are able to offer clients unequalled, cost-effective mass media exposure. We are the unchallenged Flagship Of The Industry.